Set of rigged balls – blender 2.63

Hello everyone!

As we know, one of the best way to start learning animation is by animating a bouncing ball. Then we can play with different type of balls since they are going to react differently. For example, the animation of a beach ball will be completely different from a bowling ball, or the bounce of a golf ball will be different than the bounce of a ball for kids made of plastic…

To help you to enjoy this exercise and to help you to focus only on the animation part, I’m happy to share with the blender community this set of rigged ball that represents most of the balls we know.

rigged ball for animation - blender

All these balls should be at the right proportions which is 1 blender unit = 10cm. The controls are the same on each one of them except the football which doesn’t have the rotation (use the main controller, the big red circle, to rotate it). The controllers allow you to stretch and squash the balls, but also to deform them even further and to rotate the ball while keeping the deformation!

You can download them on this page free props blender – set of rigged balls

I’m looking forward to see what you will do with them!
Mathias Aubry

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2 Responses to Set of rigged balls – blender 2.63

  1. ijay says:

    Hi Mathias, These are great rigs. Thanks for sharing. What is the license for use?


  2. mathias_aubry says:

    Hi ijay, thanks for the comment! For the license I don’t really know the different kind of license, but for these rigs, you can use them for anything you want! The only thing is not to redistribute them. ;)


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