The Hand – final

Hi everyone,

I think this is the final animation of the hand, or close to… in case someone has a good critic, I might retouch it!

Edit: So I updated the video after receiving some C&C on the forum Blender Artists, especially this one from Exzema here.

I added also a tiny bit of anticipation around frame 210 as Colby suggested in his comment on this post. Thank you Colby for your comment. I added just a little bit of anticipation down because it’s a very slow move! But I think it works!
Edit end

you can download the MP4 file of the Hand here

I’m going to work now on the tutorial to create this animation… or at least, really close to that one!

Hope you like it.


Ps, I’ve been busy with a lot or work lately but I hope I will be able to start working on the tutorial soon. Mathias.

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One Response to The Hand – final

  1. Colby says:

    Looks great! I would just introduce some more anticipation, around 7 seconds before the hand turns – perhaps have the hand turn the other way first. The same goes for around 10 seconds when the hand returns.
    Overall this looks great!

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