The Hand – preparation for an animation tutorial

Here is a test of a rig I created in blender, I called it “the Hand!”… yeah, I know, it’s not too creative! lol. I did this test to see if everything was working properly.

I’m going to use this rig to create a tutorial on how to animate,
this tutorial is going to speak about:

  • Workflow
  • Preparing your animation
  • Thumbnail
  • Strong pose
  • Weight
  • and so on…

This tutorial will be created using blender, but the principles and most of the tools are available on every 3d animation software.

For now I’m creating the animation to make sure that everything will work at the end for the tutorial.
Here is my prep, it’s kind of animated thumbnails created directly in blender using the grease pencil… it’s such a good tool!

So stay tunned ;) and feel free to comment!


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5 Responses to The Hand – preparation for an animation tutorial

  1. Carlos says:


    I like the idea of using blender for doing things like free-hand drawing.

    Please, tell me it is possible after doing the drawings, to paint and create for example a seascape, just by using the pencil and paint tool in blender?

    Thank you

  2. mathias_aubry says:

    Hi Carlos!

    thank you for commenting! As for using blender to create an animation of a full seascape, using the pencil and the paint tool, I think it would be a bit to complicated. What you can do is export your grease pencil animation as an image sequence and then paint them in photoshop or Gimp if you prefer free software. And then you can re-import them in blender as a background.

    Hope that helps.


  3. Carlos says:

    Ahh, sorry I did not make myself understood. What I meant was that if it is possible to use the grease pencil and the painting tools in blender to create a still image (kind of realistic one) ? Not to be animated but just to make, as the example I gave you, a seascape?


  4. mathias_aubry says:

    Sorry Carlos for misunderstanding you. What is the painting tools you are speaking about? But if you want to create a still 2d image, I would encourage you to use Gimp or another software like it.

    • Carlos says:

      OK…. I am starting using Painter12, but as there are so many features that I might use in blender, it would be great if I can also use its own painting´s tools to do the whole job…

      But blender is fun, but it takes time to learn to do things properly…

      Thank you

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